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About Me

Born in 89', the turning point for my country, Romania.
Started computer programming when I was 12 years old (Borland Pascal & C), continued with PHP (+ HTML, CSS, JS for Web Development), Java (for mobile app development) and C# (Desktop apps) and later, the new technologies like NodeJS.
At 14 years started to deep learn theory about combustion engines and at the age of 18 started to tune them.

Engine Management Tuning
Web Development
Desktop app development
Mobile app development

My Services

As usual, I offer quality services on all areas of interest, mainly in:

Engine tuning

On my company`s HQ based in Brasov, Romania, I offer chip tuning services and power measurement services for cars.

File service

If you offer chip tuning services in your country, but you don't do files by yourself, contact me for an offer.

Web Development

In my spare time from FWP Racing Solutions HQ, I still do my first "dream job", web development.

App Development

I develop a well known tuning software called EDC Suite PRO

My Experience

Experience is gain in years of hard working and learning, years full of frustrations and successes !

FWP Racing Solutions


R&D Automotive Software Engineer

Started to develop custom software solutions for power units of cars early 2007's (both OEM and Standalone ECUs), with a little break between 2012-2014. In 2016 opened FWP Racing Solutions HQ in Brasov, to make happy clients in my city/country too, not just in other countries.



Frontend Developer - Lead

In 2012 joined Gabriels (Lead in RealEstate application software industry) team from Brasov, a great jurney along with great peoples, in 2020 took Lead of Development Team.




In early 2013 decided to start a wordpress theme business on Themeforest. Were some great years, with a lot of accomplishments, but because tuning cars was left on third place, in 2018 decided to quit and return to car tuning.

Happy Clients

10000 +


100 +

Successful Car Projects

5000 +

I am NOT available for Freelance, however, you can contact me on my facebook page, maybe your project starts me interest